A Helpful Tool for Parent-Teacher Conferences

Slide1Last week, in preparation for our parent-teacher conferences, I had students do a self-evaluation of their work in my course. You can see it here in the pics.   I asked them to reflect on the feedback I have given them, and to explain what they feel they do well, as well as what areas they need to improve. Then, I had them rate their work ethic and make suggestions for improvements for the remainder of the course.   We have also been working on building their reading stamina and some have not been doing too well in that department. They had to reflect on that as well.

I was very impressed with how honest they were. especially as they knew I would be Slide2showing the evaluations to their parents.  Most were bang on.  It was a great exercise because the kids had to reflect on their progress, and it gave me a powerful too to have when I met with their folks.  I was able to discuss my observations of their children and then I gave them the forms their children had filled in.  It worked really well, so I thought I would share it.  You can get an editable version in my store.  Just click on the image!self evaluations letter

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