Giving Back

Slide10During the holiday season, we can get so caught up in materialism; wish lists and wants preoccupy our minds, whether it be our own or the fulfillment of others’.  It is so important, then, to take a step back and think about the real reason for the season.  To that end, I am joining with some amazing TpT sellers to give all of my profits from sales on Sunday to the St. Vincent de Paul Society, a service group at my church that helps those in the community who are living below the poverty line.I have also created some freebies that teachers can use in their classrooms next week.  The week before vacation is always a difficult one–minds are elsewhere, students are excited, curriculum must still be covered.  Inspired by the wonderful clipart of Krista Walden, Teaching in the Tongass and The 3 am Teacher, I am paying it forward by doing my small part in helping teachers get through the next week.  Enjoy: Christmas Countdown Freebies.

Happy Holidays!

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