This Week in 213

this week in room 213

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This week, my grade twelve academics are continuing to work on the art of persuasion; however, this time we are going to use the media as our text.  I present them with the idea that we get lots of negative ideas and values in the media and then I use Disney as an example.  You can read more details about this lesson in a post I wrote last spring, called teaching critical analysis with Disney.  Once I’ve presented the students with my ideas, I want to hear their responses, so I have them “pretend” there has been controversy in the media over Disney’s messages, and write a letter to the editor in response to it.  I love this activity, not only because it’s fun, but also because it’s one that requires them to listen, speak, read, view and write–almost all of the ELA strands in one!

My general grade twelve class has been looking at the concept of happiness and last week we read “The Singing Silence”, a story about a poor old man who is incredibly happy–because he has a purpose and passion in life.  We also read a Reader’s Digest article about Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, who ends his interview saying he is “bustin’ to get out of bed” every morning to get to his job. So, this week, they are going to do research on their dream jobs.  I encourage them to start with their passions and interests, and not to think about obstacles–what job would have them “bustin’ to get out of bed” in the morning?

Finally, my IB class is in the middle of Pride & Prejudice.  It was the least favourite of their summer reading; in fact, any mention of it brought about groans and eye rolls.  However, now that we are into it–and discussing it– they are coming around.  Who can resist the pull of Mr Darcy anyway?  This week the class will be doing a  group assignment.  I divide them in groups, assign them a section of the novel to deep read and discuss, and then they have to “teach” that section to the class.  They are working toward doing written commentaries for a section of prose, and these group assignments help them practice the skills they need to do so.

That’s my week!

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