Decorating My Classroom

I decided to do a total overhaul of my room before we start up again with the students on Thursday. I’m still not done, but thought I’d share the process as I go.

I have always tried to make my room a comfy place to be, but have also had some decorating challenges. Here are my before pcs:


The biggest decorating challenge is the size and layout of this room. It’s one of the smallest in the building, but I have hung on to it because there are two student group rooms that open off my room (the doors are on the wall to the left of the window bank).  So, I have one wall of lovely, south-facing windows, two walls with chalk and Smart boards and another with a cupboard and two doors.  Because of this, it’s hard to arrange my desks.

The other challenge is the colour scheme.  The school was renovated in the early ’90’s, and the planners, in their wisdom, thought teal and pink was a choice that would stand the test of time.  Or maybe they didn’t think?  Hmmmm.  Anyway, my door is teal, the trim is pink, my chair is pink, my curtains are pink…you get the idea.  In the past, I have tried to embrace the whole teal and pink world and matched my own decorations to the school’s colour scheme.  This year I am rebelling and putting up colours that I like.


I went to Staples and Michael’s and bought a bunch of black paper and coloured duct tape that I used to cover my bulletin board. I also scored that red three drawer container on half price–perfect to store handouts for each of my three classes! You can also see the can labels I bought from Hope King.

Another score is this bulletin board from Winners. I was going to put my Exit Wall on the board, but decided to use this. Students can just insert their exit tickets in the appropriate slot. I can also move it when it’s not in use, a handy thing given my limited space.IMG_8608

So, that’s as far as I got yesterday–it was so hot in my room I could only stay so long! I’m off now to finish and will update with more photos when I do!

UPDATE:  I got a little further this morning.  It’s still not where I want it, but I’m getting closer!  I will pick at it over the semester when I have time.  I would love to get a bucket of paint and spruce up the walls, but we have too many regulations about colours, etc. Anyway, here are the latest pics:



I’ve arranged the desks in a kind of horse shoe. Right now there are twenty-eight of them, and I’m hoping I won’t need any more! I love my new boggle board. I plan to use it for class contests and for early finishers. There is a can in the bookcase with the other letters in it, as well as some sticky tack, so I can easily change them out.   The anchor chart and poster are ones I made to help my students with active reading strategies.  


I used duct tape to pretty up my filing cabinet, as well as the one to the right of my desk. They still aren’t that pretty, but it helped a little!

In two days those empty desks will be filled with my new students. I hope my efforts have made Room 213 a comfortable place to be.


2 thoughts on “Decorating My Classroom

  1. I love the posters you have by your desk (ie “FAIL”) but can’t find them on TpT! Would you share where you got them from?

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