An Eye-Catching New Syllabus

Slide1I’ve been playing around with new ways to get that all-important information out to my new students next week.  First of all, I want to use much less paper, so the syllabus is going on line, on our course website. If there is someone who doesn’t have internet access, I will print it off for them.  Secondly, I wanted to create a syllabus that they will actually read, not just shove to the back of their binders, as I know they have in the past.  

Click to see the full syllabus (I haven’t put in any personal info). I’m still tweaking, so I’d love to get some ideas/pictures from you.  Please send them along if you have a great idea of your own, or one you’ve seen on Pinterest.

2 thoughts on “An Eye-Catching New Syllabus

  1. I love this! It is so visually appealing while still communicating all of the important information. I never thought to look on Pinterest for syllabus ideas. Is this something you will be putting up on TPT? I will have to look back at my syllabus at last year to see if I can think of anything you need to add, but so far I think it is awesome!
    Brynn Allison

  2. So after doing some looking on Pinterest and looking back at my own syllabus two things you may want to include: positive/negative consequences, and grade weights and scales (i.e homework = 20%, but also A = 100 – 90%). Off to work on my own syllabus. Thanks for the inspiration!

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