Only Two More Days to Enter!

deco contestI have always tried to make my classroom cozy and comfortable.   I spend so much of my time there, and my students spend eighty minutes of their day there too.  It can be hard, though, to make all those concrete blocks look good, and the mismatched desks sure don’t help much either.  

All summer I’ve been scouring Pinterest for ideas to spruce up my room–I’ve found some, but I’d like to see more!  So, I’ve decided to have a contest.  In the comments, leave your favorite tip, idea or a photo (or link to a pin) for decorating a high school classroom.  You can also do the same on my Facebook page.    I will choose the one that I like the most and the winner will receive the following products (click the image for details):

essay chart preview

signs pin


I will choose a winner from both the blog AND the Facebook page so you have two chances to win!  Look for before and after pics of my classroom, coming later in the month.

4 thoughts on “Only Two More Days to Enter!

  1. As a middle school teacher, I struggled to get my classroom to a place where it was inviting to myself and my students without it being too elementary. What worked for me this year was a color scheme. I didn’t worry about a “theme”, I just picked three colors (turquoise , black and gray) and stuck to that. I used black bulletin board paper, the same borders throughout the entire room and all the extra stuff in those colors and it did wonders. It’s cohesive and calm and aestheticly pleasing.

    Good luck!

  2. I teach high school math, so I totally understand your conundrum! This year, I have a new classroom, so I’ve decided to rein in the color explosion that I had in my last room. I’ve covered bulletin boards with black (I used plastic dollar store tablecloths to avoid fading), and used the same rainbow border around each. I’ve also grouped my posters into different areas: one for inspiration, one for real life application, and one for math content. To avoid having to take down posters during standardized (or other) testing, one board has a “clothesline” across it. I hang posters related to our current unit, and then can easily remove them when needed. The posters don’t get holes in them this way, but they’re still in a prominent spot.

    To make my white blinds more attractive, I made a pennant banner out of cardstock triangles in “rainbow” order. I strung these on black ribbon and loosely draped them over my windows. It brings so much color to that otherwise blank space! I hope that helps!

  3. I think sticking with a color theme works. I am trying a new one this year. In the past I’ve done blue and green, but this year I’m going for red, white, and black. One of the things I really like about my classroom decorations are my lanterns. I will try to get pictures up soon.

    I saw that you were featured in TPT’s blog post last week. Do you know how that happened? Do they post the topic they will be writing about in advance?

    Brynn Allison

  4. Hi there!
    Since everyone else has said the color scheme bit, I’ll share my favorite tip for getting new posters. I love new posters. I used to spend a fortune on them, but got tired of seeing my husband roll his eyes at me every time I ordered more. Since finding this pin, I’ve been able to order smaller decorative posters at a fraction of the price.

    I love to save! ❤

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