Exciting News & a Freebie to Celebrate!!

brynnie motherMy daughter just found out that she’s gotten into the school of her dreams!  She had been accepted to Randolph Academy in Toronto for musical theatre, but it was her second choice to Sheridan, which is “the” musical theatre school in Canada.   She was on their waiting list and just got the call that she is in!  Excited does not come close to describing how we are all feeling.  (She is second from the left in this pic, hamming it up during her summer job).

What will your verse beI blogged about her on Mother’s day, saying how proud I was that she was following her dreams and included the lesson that she inspired.  It guides students through a process of considering the pros and cons of following their dreams. They view a couple of videos, read two articles and then discuss and respond. In celebration of her great success, I’m making it free for the weekend.  Enjoy…and may you inspire your students to follow their dreams too!

You can get the lesson here, at TPT

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