Another Reason to Love Google Drive

I’ve written about my love for Google Drive before, but last week I discovered another awesome use for it.   I was out sick for several days with a bad cold.  The second day, I almost went.  It was one of those days.  I felt terrible but I knew it was going to be hard to have a sub do what needed to be done in one of my classes.  We were finishing up a play and the next step was for me to correct the final questions they had been working on.  The next day a test was scheduled.  I was going to go and drag myself through it..but then I had an idea!

I booked them into the computer lab and then shared a document with the class on Drive.  I assigned two students to each question they were given, and told them to write up a well-developed response to the question.  They had previously been assigned critical thinking questions, but had been told it was ok to answer in point form in their notes.     Now, I wanted fully fleshed out answers.

So, once they got to the lab, each pair of students worked on writing up the answers.  I hovered, as I lay on my couch, and gave them suggestions or encouraged them to develop their answers further.  Once all were done, each student was encouraged to read over all the answers and add more, or ask for clarification.  In the end, they had a lovely document they could use at home to prepare for the test, and I was able to rest and help them at the same time.  Win-win!!

Here are some screen shots of the process.  My comments are in red.

inherit drive


inherit drive 2



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