Take your class outside for some real learning!

outside activitiesI’m really excited about my newest TPT product because I made it primarily for myself!  It has been a long, snowy winter here on Prince Edward Island, and as I look outside my window I still see piles of snowdrifts.  The temperatures are supposed to be above zero all week, though, so by next weekend the view should be different: lots of glorious, red PEI mud, the surest sign of spring around here!

Once the sun comes out and the winter is finally gone where it should have gone long ago, my students will be asking that question that always gets asked on the nice sunny days: “Can we go outside?”  And I will want to say YES! because, like them, I will want to get out in that gorgeous spring sunshine.  However…we have lost eleven days this semester due to storms, and I know that despite their best intentions, they won’t do the work we were going to do in class that day if we go outdoors–at least they won’t do much.  Given all the lost time, I will need to keep them on task.  God forbid we have fun when there are outcomes to cover and a clock that is ticking!

So, I put my thinking hat on and designed some activities that I could use outside AND still get those outcomes covered.  I cannot wait to try it.  Come on sunshine!!

If you click the image you can check out the product.  If you need further inspiration to take your class outside to learn, listen to Open the Window, from the musical Anne of Green Gables https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Co06cnOzCc
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