Blogging With My Students

I just finished marking a blog assignment for my pre-IB class.  It took a bit of time to go through all of their posts, but I’m so pleased with their work!  For their blog assignments, they need to read articles or view videos that I post on my blog. Then they have to post their own responses and engage in dialogue with their classmates.  I try to find highly engaging material that I know will elicit strong responses from them, and so far it seems to be working.

My mission with this activity is to get them to work on idea development and on having authentic dialogue with each other.  Because they get to do it online, they seem to buy in more easily.  I don’t want to completely “give in” to technology, though.  Ultimately, I hope that the skills they learn while blogging will be transferred to face-to-face classroom discussion.

tech freebie If you would like more details on how this works, as well as a rubric to help you assess it, click on this image.


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