Checklists for Formative Assessment

I’m on a mission. I want to give my students more feedback, but I’m also a realist. Good feedback to thirty-two students takes time. A lot of it. So, I’ve been working on checklists for various assignments. Each one has an area marked “just right” where I can check off the elements the student has mastered. The next area is called “still needs work”; here I can quickly check off the areas that the student needs to improve.

It is a process that needs a lot of tweaking, and I must confess I’ve wasted a bit of paper. I’ve typed up and printed off what I think is the perfect list, only to discover that it doesn’t really fit the assignment. So, I’ve realized I can’t photocopy until I’ve tried a few!

Regardless of the few trees I’ve killed, I am loving my checklists. It makes the feedback process so much easier and the students can get it in a much more timely fashion.

Here is one that I made up to cover the basics of a paragraph:


If you’d like to start using checklists, you can check out my Assessment for Learning product at TPT.

Happy checking!


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